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Dear & Venerated Fellow Beings


Assalam-o-alikum / Hello


In this era of material development and selfishness, man is pursuing the materialistic desires, and these materialistic ambitions have dragged him miles away from his real stature of “Crown of Creation”. Humanism, selflessness and working for the bereaved mankind are alien to the modern man who is always busy with earning and spending.


It is a matter of concern that we are shallow and too busy to work for our fellow beings, hopping with cell phones and e-mails and have no time to soothe the distressed souls. We have lost the human glory.



Keeping in view this deplorable situation, some of the noble and selfless fellows have shown their true concern with humanity and have established a SANJOG SANDESA TRUST that is indebted to the people who feel for their fellowmen and are dedicated to serve the mankind without any personal ambitions or vested interests. In this materialistic era of selfishness, this Trust is a call to stir up our conscience and help the bereaved mankind.


The SANJOG SANDESA TRUST is committed to the following noble objectives:


  1. 1.     To find out an asylum for the distressed and suffering mankind
  2. 2.     To assist the distressed people , particularly the Senior Citizens and the women
  3. 3.      To help the parents in finding the suitable match for their sons and daughters and to assist the depressed and miserable people in their social, financial and family problems to every possible extent  so as to make them self-reliant and booming citizens
  4. 4.     To assist the deserted children and senior citizens financially, and make them self-dependent
  5. 5.     To arrange the suitable match for the poor/ unemployed  girls of  poor families 

6.   To  arrange the dowry ( Blankets, Crockery, Sewing Machines, Bed, Furniture,        Washing Machine , Clothes , Shoes, Jewelry etc. Cash from 10 rupees to as much as possible so as to assist the white-collared families) for the girls from poor families so as to yoke them in the auspicious bond of marriage

  1. To root out the customs of  Marriage with the Holy Scripture , Child- Marriage and Marriage without the Girl’s will etc. , the  rehabilitation of divorced and widows / widowers and to fill their lives with happiness
  2. To assist, educate and empower the orphans and deserted children (through education, dowry and empowerment through employment etc.) is our noble goal.


Please get yourself Registered to relieve the groaning mankind of the pangs of sufferings and sorrows. The noble objectives can be achieved only through the financial contribution and social assistance of the well-off. We are just the guardians of whatever you entrust with us to help the deserving people.


The SANJOG SANDESA TRUST is in dire need of your social and financial assistance (Zakat, Sadqa or Commodities of Life etc.) The banks, mostly, deduct Zakat before the start of month of Ramadan. You are, therefore, requested to donate your zakat before the deduction by the bank so that your Zakat donations can be used for the welfare of the distressed families. You can donate through cash, pay order, cheque, money gram, western union or online transfer.


With the will of God, your gesture of generosity will assist some poor and deserted girls , some poor orphans or a helpless senior citizens, and God’s bounties will be showered upon you in the this world as well as in the life hereafter.


This TRUST has been registered (REG.No.881, ICT, ISLAMABAD / NTN.No.3560881-1, FBR, RTO, ISLAMABAD. with the government of Pakistan, and is periodically audited by the government of Pakistan. There is no question of any discrepancy in the best use of your donations.


May God bless you and your families in this world and the life hereafter!!! 


Wishing you the happiness all around!!


President/Administration                                                                                                                    SANJOG SANDESA TRUST, ISLAMABAD.

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